Käringön - Single Kayak

In cooperation with Lotshotellet, we provide guests with the possibility to rent kayaks on Käringön. We have two kayaks available and, of course, all gear that you need, such as life vests, sprayskirt, paddles and a map, is provided as well. You don't need any experience - everyone can paddle!

Whether you are a guest at Lotshotellet, have rented a summer house on Käringön, or just want to enjoy the waters around Käringön without having to paddle all the way from Stocken - simply book your kayak here and enjoy a beautiful day out on the water exploring the nature around you!

The Storm 16 and Storm 17 are very stable and reliable kayaks and hence ideal for beginners. They come with a rudder and can be used for day or multi day touring in both flat and rough water conditions. Both are made of thermoformed ABS which is a very light and yet durable material.

Do you want to rent a kayak for more 5 days or longer? Contact us via email or phone to get the best price!

The minimum rental period is one day. While the staff at Lotshotellet will do their best to help you get started, we will provide you with all information you need beforehand. Once you have booked a kayak, you will receive a booking confirmation in which you can find instructions and detailed information.

A great way to round off your trip is to book the sauna at Lotshotellet by sending a mail to stay@lotshotellet.se or call directly at +46 702 39 41 00. You can also book a stay at the hotel at www.lotshotellet.se

What to wear?

Come in comfortable clothes. It is not unusual that people dress too warm for paddling. Often, it is less cold than expected when paddling close to the shore and keeping your body moving the whole time. Remember that cotton becomes heavy once it is wet and only dries slowly. We therefore recommend to dress in functional clothing and as for the outer layer choose rain clothes. It is also never wrong to take a bottle of water and keep it close to you so you can reach it while paddling. Keep mobile and technical devices in a waterproof or zip lock bag. There are different waterproof compartments in every kayak where you can store any luggage you have. Larger luggage that you will not need during the time in the kayak, you can store in the compartments in the front or back of the kayak and will only be able to reach again when you are onshore again. You will find more detailed information in your booking confirmation.