WK 494 Play (3 hours)

The WK 494 Play is a playful kayak for small to mid sized paddlers who already have some kayaking experience. It is made from fiberglass and is great for surfing but even for longer tours. 

This kayak fits most paddlers in the weight range of 50 - 80kg. 


Length - 494 cm
Width - 53 cm
Cockpit - 76cm x 38cm

Material: Fiberglass
Type: Skeg

What is included?

All bookings include access to a kayak, a life vest, a paddle and a map of the surrounding area. During a short introductory course, our staff will explain the basics of kayaking to you to ensure you are well prepared, feel safe and can fully enjoy your time on the water.

Rental Times

Rental times start at 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. the day of your booking and you are expected to return latest 3 hours after your starting time, hence at 1 p.m. if you have booked the first slot or at 5 p.m. if you have booked the second slot.


During the season, you can easily book your kayak online. If you wish to book a kayak outside of our regular season or for longer than a week, you can contact us via email or phone to see if we have any kayaks available.

Cleaning the Kayak

If you do not wish to clean the kayak or SUP yourself, you can add the option to your booking to have the kayak cleaned by our staff. The costs for this additional service are 120 SEK per kayak or SUP.

What to pack?

Come in comfortable clothes. It is not unusual that people dress too warm for paddling. Often, it is less cold than expected when paddling close to the shore and keeping your body moving the whole time. Remember that cotton becomes heavy once it is wet and only dries slowly. We therefore recommend to dress in functional clothing and as for the outer layer choose rain clothes. It is also never wrong to take a bottle of water and keep it close to you so you can reach it while paddling. Keep mobile and technical devices in a waterproof or zip lock bag. There are different waterproof compartments in every kayak where you can store any luggage you have. Larger luggage that you will not need during the time in the kayak, you can store in the compartments in the front or back of the kayak and will only be able to reach again when you are onshore again.


You cancel your booking in written form via email to info@orustkajak.se. In case of cancellation up to two weeks before booking, we will return 95% of the total amount. In case of cancellation from two weeks until 24 before the booking, we will return 50% of the total amount. Cancellation later than 24 hours before the booking is charged with the entire amount.

In case of documented illness, you have the opportunity to cancel and then you will receive 95% of the money back or, alternatively, move the booking to another occasion (subject to availability).

Cancellation from our side

NOTE - in the case of extremely bad weather, we may cancel activities due to safety reasons, in which case you will of course not be liable for payment. A little rain and wind are no danger. It is when there are squalls, thunderstorms etc that we choose to interrupt or cancel our activities.